For Leaders in Executive, Management and Professional Education:

Achieve Success at Your University-Based Unit with Our Unique Industry-Specific Conferences, Institutes, and Customized Marketing Services

Deans & Center Directors

Check our out Director’s Institute and CMED pre-cons which are designed specifically for leaders and decision makers.

Sales & Custom Managers

The ProEd Director’s Institute will help you increase sales and develop new strategies for custom revenue growth.

Program Managers & Coordinators

Attend our annual CMED conference to learn current best practices from leading experts and pick up new program ideas.

Marketing Directors & Managers

Attend our annual CMED conference to network and learn from others, and then join us in 2017 for our new Social Marketing Institute!

Conference Attendees
Participating Universities
Program Leads Generated

Our conferences, institutes, workshops and special events bring together professionals from all over the world

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