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The ProEd Membership Program brings highly successful group of schools, professionals, faculty, and thought leaders together to share unique resources and best practices throughout the year. The goal of the Membership Program is to provide centers access to proven strategies, research data, current best practices, and a variety of resources to help increase business and, most importantly, maintain quality while improving the bottom line. Member organization will also receive discounts on events and training programs as well as an access to a long list of reports and assessments.

Current shifts in higher education dramatically challenge the status quo of many centers. The pandemic accelerated prevailing trends such as ever-changing economic climate, globalization, an increasingly fluid and flexible workforces, new technologies, evolving customer demands and expectations, and a rethinking of the role universities play in the community They all shape the strategies and operations of executive and professional education centers.

In light of what seems to be a constant state of flux, more and more centers are in need of external guidance and support, especially in the following areas:

  • Addressing the challenges facing corporate customers and clients
  • Recruiting new employees
  • Employee training and industry onboarding
  • Program marketing
  • Calculating Return on Investment (ROI) of various initiatives
  • Research on the current state of our industry and best practices
  • Finding programs that are easily added to a center’s portfolio
  • Information from “thought leaders” in and related to our industry
  • Vendor vetting
  • Systems selection and implementation
  • Business Acumen
  • and many more

In order to address these issues and provide centers with support and necessary resources, we are excited to invite you to become the ProEd Member!

Online Collaborative Learning Community

Join in-depth conversations with like-minded professionals to discuss current issues facing the industry and address your own questions. With an easy-to-follow platform design, participate in rich discussions during live sessions on contemporary topics facing our industry. ProEd’s Collaborative Learning Community adopted an online environment in the Spring of 2020 that now hosts over 200 searchable recordings of highly relevant industry-specific sessions, answers to burning questions, shared articles, and a network of over 350 industry practitioners and growing.

Individuals who participate in the community are realizing these benefits:

  • Access industry leaders who create innovative solutions
  • Learn new knowledge and in-demand skills from peers
  • Avoid mistakes that can cost you time and effort
  • Get better clarity on the direction the industry is going
  • Accelerate your progress toward new goals in the “new reality”
  • Meet new people and network with industry leaders
  • Stay connected to the industry
  • Bring innovation to the team
  • Model behavior for your clients
  • Reduce burnout
  • Enjoy predictable activity on a weekly basis

Teams, which are part of the community:

  • Get exposure to creative thinking outside of your organization
  • Validate their ideas and strategic choices
  • Achieve better clarity on the direction the industry is going
  • Explore Collaborative Learning Environment to offer similar experiences for the clients
  • Compress their learning from decades to days
  • Enjoy shared experiences
  • Reduce team turnover
  • Discover new partnership opportunities
  • Share content with other people in their organization

The Community brings together the best minds in the industry to share, learn and co-create in an open and fun environment.

“Circle of Success” Mini Course:

The course, when used effectively, can be a training and succession guide, as well as a reference resource for anyone looking for insight and knowledge from successful center directors.

“Going Digital” Mini Course

This course is based on a webinar series Going Digital with Executive Education. Have you contemplated incorporating digital learning into your Executive Education offerings in the past, only to now be left without a choice as a result of COVID-19? Join a conversation to discuss the steps that Executive Education teams can take immediately to respond to the changing needs of learners due to COVID-19 restrictions… and beyond. 

On-Demand Recordings

Access over 200 in-depth industry-specific on-demand sessions to acquire practical knowledge suitable for all levels of experience and responsibilities from an executive director to a program coordinator. All recordings are in-video searchable for quick access to relevant material.

Topics include:

  • Center’s Leadership, Strategies and Financial Management
  • Sales and business Development
  • Marketing and Social Media
  • Online Teaching and Learning
  • Leadership Development
  • Value-Add Services
  • Operations and Program Management
  • Corporate Learning and Development Trends

Also, we are bringing executive highlights of top sessions every week to bring relevant knowledge to members quickly.

Conference on Management and Executive Development

For almost 45 years the conference brings together like-minded industry leaders to learn together. All conference sessions are designed to facilitate sharing of best practices on a wide array of topics. They are delivered by practitioners from different universities as well as inspirational thought leaders. Plenty formal and informal networking opportunities enable establishing meaningful professional connections before, during the conference and beyond.

Most attendees represent four-year and graduate colleges and universities. Their division or department is typically the Center or Office of Executive Education, Continuing Education, Management or Professional Development programs.

You will fit right in if your responsibilities and title include:

  • Director or Executive Director
  • Assistant Director
  • Assistant/Associate Dean and Director
  • Program Manager or Coordinator
  • Program Developer
  • Operations Manager
  • Marketing Manager or Specialist
  • Business Development Manager
  • Client Relations Manager

About 95% of attendees work at College of Business, College of Continuing Education or Extension, or College of Industrial Relations, Government or Engineering.

Digital Summit: Creating Engaging Learning Experiences for the Virtual World

Join your peers from university-based executive education, continuing and professional development centers to explore strategic choices and teaching methods to elevate digital learning experiences and transfer of knowledge. All sessions are designed to facilitate sharing of best practices on the most relevant topics facing the industry now and in the near future. They are delivered by practitioners from different universities and inspirational thought leaders.

Sales Institute: Forging Your Sales & Business Development Strategy for the Virtual Environment

The Sales Institute has been a successful experience for university-based continuing and executive education centers to learn how to craft a sales strategy. The goal of the Sales Institute is to equip you and your center to be able to create your own future delivering education programs to your clients and growing your relationships with them. Nearly 60 centers have availed themselves of this training over the last five years.

Custom Program Design Institute

As your custom clients are facing new challenges they are looking for more diverse and effective learning solutions from their trusted partners. In this interactive program you will be exposed to many perspectives on how to evaluate customer’s needs, design learning journeys, integrate effective learning methods, assess outcomes, and more.

Directors Institute

Attend the in-person Director’s Institute to have candid conversations with your peers and thought leaders about new development and trends in the industry. Learn best practices and evaluate your strategic choices in highly interactive small group sessions. This special in-person professional development program is designed to provide you time, space, and peer feedback to effectively articulate the difference your center can make for your client organizations

Program Operations Institute

Learn quickly evolving best practices of effective program management and operations in a cohort of like-minded individuals from different centers. Use this program as an opportunity to update your own processes to elevate your customer’s experience.

CMED Benchmarking Report (2011-2021)

The purpose of this CMED research is to provide decision makers with a comprehensive overview and insight into universities that offer executive education, professional development and training. Key areas covered by this research include how organizations operate, make decisions, allocate resources, and measure business performance. 

Customized Marketing Evaluation

Bring your marketing engine to optimal performance with an annual review of the core components of your marketing plan. We’ll review and advise on program-specific and general advertising budgets, examine and benchmark channel effectiveness, monitor goal conversion, examine analytics and provide attribution best practices, conduct in-depth evaluation, and summarize it all with recommendations to improve overall outcomes.

Boost skills of your team to achieve success faster.  Become ProEd Member today by calling 763-656-3527 or emailing!

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