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The ProEd Membership Program brings together our highly successful group of schools, professionals, faculty, and thought leaders together to share unique resources and best practices throughout the year. The goal of the Membership Program is to provide centers access to proven strategies, research data, current best practices, and a variety of resources to help increase business and, most importantly, maintain quality while improving the bottom line. Subscribers will also receive a 20% discount on CMED and Institute registrations and access to a long list of reports and assessments.

A current dynamic in higher education challenges the status quo of many centers. Ever-changing economic climate, globalization, an increasingly fluid and flexible workforce, new technologies, evolving customer demands and expectations, and a rethinking of the role universities play in the community all shape the strategies and operations of executive and professional education centers.

In light of what seems to be a constant state of flux, more and more centers are in need of external guidance and support, especially in the following areas:

  • Addressing the challenges facing corporate customers and clients
  • Recruiting new employees
  • Employee training and industry on-boarding
  • Program marketing
  • Calculating Return on Investment (ROI) of various initiatives
  • Research on the current state of our industry and best practices
  • Finding on-line programs that are easily added to a center’s portfolio
  • Information from “thought leaders” in and related to our industry
  • Vendor vetting
  • Systems selection and implementation

In order to address these issues and provide centers with support and necessary resources, we are excited to introduce the ProEd Membership Program!

Basic Level: $2,200 a year per center per year

Premium Level: $4,500 a year per center per year

CMED and Institute Discount:
Becoming a member allows your center to stretch your professional development budget to send more people to CMED, the 2-day Institutes, and workshops. In 2017, this will include the Director’s Institute on Innovation and Change, the Sales Institute, and our new Social Media Institute! You’ll receive a 20% discount on registrations (up to specified for the membership level).

Topical Email Report
The Topical Email Report is a monthly curated collection of marketing content from 100+ centers, sent to you in an easy to read and topical format. What do we mean by marketing content? These are the e-newsletters and targeted marketing messages from centers to their lists during the reporting period. We all know that segmented email is the most effective and prolific way to connect with future, current and past customers. It is also the best way to nurture leads from the inquiry stage to registration and beyond. Learning how other centers are communicating with their audience is a great way to get some new ideas and test out different approaches. We monitor 100+ email lists that continuously generate topic-specific and general email marketing content. Each month you will receive a collection from the previous 12 months on a specific topic. Sample topics include Project Management, Business Management, Finance, Marketing, Organizational Leadership, Women’s Leadership, Negotiation, Big Data, Lean Six Sigma, Supply Chain Management and many more. You’ll also receive content related to operational emails, like subscription confirmation, social media channel invitations, center announcements, needs assessment, and many others. Save time and money – focus on learning and adopting new ways to communicate with your audience instead of searching for examples and data.

ProEd “Circle of Success” Workbook:
The workbook, when used effectively, can be a training and succession guide, as well as a reference resource for anyone looking for insight and knowledge from successful center directors.

Member-only Interactive Video Conferences (Quarterly)
Have in-depth conversations with like-minded professionals to discuss current issues facing the industry and address your own questions.

Executive Education Social Media Report (Top 15)
The Social Media Report (SMR) is a distillation of the top social media posts by the country’s top executive education centers, in one easy-to-read read document. We analyze the engagement behavior of over 1.5 million followers of fifteen executive education units on over 67 social media channels. The SMR also identifies the most engaging and successful social content of the month, so you can learn what’s trending without spending valuable staff time on guesswork and misleading “anecdotal evidence”.

Digital Display Advertising Report
A collection of digital display advertising (different size banners and responsive ads), URLs and landing page screen shots gathered throughout the year for centers that re-market to their visitors. As re-marketing becomes an integral part of a post-visit communication, this report provides an insight in what messages and destination pages leading centers use to bring back visitors.

Exec Ed Job description report (Quarterly)
A collection of university-based executive and management development industry job descriptions organized in the following categories: Assistant/Associate Dean, Executive/Managing Director, Associate/Senior Director, Marketing Director/Manager, Marketing Associate Director/Coordinator, Business Development and Custom Program Sales, Program Director or Manager, Program Coordinator or Specialist. Having this collection allows you to quickly create your team’s talent map and update their job descriptions. It also enables you to identify talent gaps and create job descriptions to hire the best candidates or outsource to fit your needs.

Corporate L&D Job description report (Quarterly)
The L&D report is a collection of learning and development job descriptions that will provide insight into the organizational environment of our custom clients. It uncovers main responsibilities of L&D roles and the different approaches organizations may take. This report will illuminate potential issues organizations are addressing and the programs they need for maximum effectiveness. It will also equip you with the right L&D language.

Customized Social Media Report (1+4)
Benchmark your social media activities with a peer/competitor group of up to 4 centers. Compare post content, likes and followers, and overall social activity to see how your center stacks up.

Customized LinkedIn Report (1+4)
Benchmark your LinkedIn Company or Showcase page activities with a peer/competitor group of up to 4 centers. Get insight into what post types are most successful, as well as the most popular content and posting day/time works best. This targeted report will help you understand your audience and what they respond to most.

Customized Marketing Evaluation

Bring your marketing engine to optimal performance with an annual review of the core components of your marketing plan. We’ll review and advise on program-specific and general advertising budgets, examine and benchmark channel effectiveness, monitor goal conversion, examine analytics and provide attribution best practices, conduct in-depth evaluation, and summarize it all with recommendations to improve overall performance.

Boost skills of your team to achieve success faster.  Become ProEd Member today by calling 763-656-3527 or emailing!

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