Leadership Development Experience

Take advantage of this year-long opportunity for leaders of University Management and Executive Development departments to advance themselves and enrich their centers.  (Click on the image to download a printable PDF of the diagram)


Wednesday, November 13  8:30AM – 4:00PM, Thursday, November 14  8:30AM – 4:00PM, and Friday, November 15 8:30 AM – 11:30AM

Leadership Development Program

for Management and Executive Development Leaders

Created for leaders of university-based outreach units, specifically focused on attendees of the Conference on Management and Executive Development, managed by ProEd, taught by affiliates of the Mentor Alliance and current thought leaders at progressive learning centers.

The Leadership Development Program is a year-long opportunity for leaders of University Management and Executive Development (MED) departments to advance themselves and enrich their programs.  It is developed by ProEd, in partnership with Boise State University’s Leadership Program, the Mentor Alliance, and thought leaders of progressive schools. This 3 Tier program was created to meet the specific needs of the Conference of Management and Executive Development (CMED) audience. In addition to the two and a half day leadership residential workshops, the program consists of (six) 90- minute webinar sessions addressing the challenges and opportunities that leaders of MED departments deal with on a daily basis.  Each webinar will be facilitated by an experienced peer/industry expert. Participants will have the opportunity to learn from others in the field, helping them grow as leaders and taking their department to the next level.

This program also has as an added bonus, in that each attendee can choose to create a webinar, assist in the delivery of ProEd workshops, and/or be a workshop leader at the 2020 CMED event upon completion of this program as evidence of professional growth.

Qualified participants for this program will normally have a minimum of two years of university experience within an executive education unit, continuing education, or business school. Outside business experience is an added bonus with proven skills in management of profit/loss statements, hiring and managing colleagues, and marketing or sales experience.

November 13, 2019 – November 23, 2020: Tier One

Day One – November 13, 2019

8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Day One: Leadership Development Program Workshop I

Presenter: Dr. Jeremy Graves
Affiliate: Boise State University                                              

Leading in a university is a challenge. Leading a management and executive development program is even more so.  Your program has the potential to significantly impact the people you serve, which can also affect the lives of the people they lead.

This workshop will immerse you in an experiential learning process that will address both the practical and relational aspects of leading a profitable MED department in a university environment. It will help you as a leader deal with these unique challenges.  We will cover several leadership concepts and practical approaches to help you develop a great department.  Using the principles of servant-leadership, you will learn ways to take your program and the people it serves to the next level.

You will learn: Where to focus your efforts to increase your leadership effectiveness

  • Why the servant leader model fits the challenges of MED leadership
  • How to build ownership at all levels in your department
  • How to examine and address gaps in client service
  • How to manage change in the MED industry

So that you will be able to:

  • Strengthen your abilities as a leader
  • Help employees love their work and the people they serve
  • Develop a leadership mindset with every employee
  • Improve client relations and increase revenue
  • Remain “cutting-edge” by managing personnel transitions and adapting to constantly changing business technology, university politics, and client demands.
  • Create and deliver leadership webinars
  • Be a workshop “thought leader” at the CMED 2020

On-going activity:

  • Paired up with a current Mentor Alliance* member throughout the course. (The Mentor Alliance is a group of 25 professionals in the non-credit management of outreach activities at Business Schools, Management Development Centers, and Continuing Education Units around the world who have volunteered for pro-bono consulting to current CMED attendees on a myriad of topics.)

Day Two – November 14, 2019

8:30 a.m. to Noon

Topic: Survive and Thrive: Designing and Defining What Matters Most for Your Center’s Success

Presenters: Dr. Kris Risi, Robin Kistler, and Deb Kennedy
Affiliates: Drexel University Lebow College of Business, Notre Dame University Mendoza College of Business, and the Mentor Alliance.

This interactive session will explore the common role and function of a Center Director leading in an environment of competing priorities, demanding expectations, and constant change. Our work is complex, unpredictable, and fast paced. While delivering on the brand promise and University mission, we are often pulled in impossible directions.

At the end of the day, week, month, or fiscal year are we working on the things that matter most to the success of our Center and the development of our team? This session will share a model that demonstrates the “buckets” or key areas of responsibilities from which a Center Director must operate and maneuver. What areas are currently consuming your time and determine which strategic key areas you should be operating to move your Center forward. In this session we will discuss and dissect the following thoughts

  • A better understanding of the key functions that comprise the Center Director’s role within Continuing and Executive Education
  • Discover where or how you should be spending your time
  • Defining and clarifying your Center’s value proposition and portfolio to your key stakeholders.
  • Ideas and strategies for growth and resilience
  • Understanding what is imperative in your center will give you a working knowledge of how to create the “best center” methodology, give you a template for seeing the forest for the trees, and improve the agility and resilience of your team.

November 14, 2019

1:00 pm. to 5:00 p.m. Deeper Dive Topics

Topic: Roundtable Discussion on Current Strategic and Operational Realities

Presenters: Frank Lloyd and James Roach
Affiliate: Mentor Alliance and Texas Christian University.

Two university center leaders with a unique combination of experiences-corporate, university, teaching, administration-will facilitate a no-holds-barred conversation on current and perennial challenges in leading the business of management and professional development in academic institutions. You will learn from others about how to:

  • Interact with Deans
  • Situational leadership: start-up, turn-around, expansion, cost-cutting, scaling
  • Balancing market needs with institutional capabilities
  • Create faculty relationships and faculty development
  • Energize staffing-finding the business development unicorn
  • Making corporate-academic partnerships successful
  • Choosing other lines of business to pursue and how to capture them: coaching, consulting

The selection of actual topics will be directed by the interests, needs, and appetites of the participants.

The session will be in workshop format. It will include both plenary and small group discussion where you can share your best-practices and admit your less than anticipated results.

This session is appropriate for center directors and functional leaders in marketing, sales, operations, and finance.

We are hopeful that this session will provide you with:

  • Confidential peer-to-peer exchange of practical experiences on industry challenges.
  • Guidance from the facilitators on proven strategies and tactics- what works and what hasn’t
  • Take-aways to help you tackle current and persistent challenges in your center
  • Agreement on six topics that will be shared in a webinar format with the expanded network of peers during the next year of this leadership journey.

Day Three – November 15, 2019 Deeper Dive Topic

8:30 a.m. to noon

Topic:  Advanced Financials and Budget Development

Presenter:  Dr. Mark Gould
Affiliate: Mentor Alliance

During this interactive session we will explore how to build and manage your budget as well as how to build more accurate forecasting models to better analyze financial data for your Center, predict revenues, and predict costs. You will learn to calculate your income by using Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

We will also review how your product and pricing model can increase your revenue and profits for your Center. Finally, we focus on how to manage up to your boss and the politics of your financial numbers and determine what you want your boss to do as a result, such as add additional resources to your unit.

You will learn the following which will improve your knowledge of financial acumen.

  • Basic Concepts – Finance 101
  • How to select product mix and pricing
  • How to select your pricing
  • How to utilize useful decision making tools
  • How to develop your own Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

 So that you will be able to:

  • Develop and managing your budget
  • Explore the connection of how financial data relates to your business goals
  • The value of how to explain your business beyond the numbers
  • How to manage up (your boss) and the politics of the numbers
  • Develop basic financial numbers to support your story
  • Determine what you want your boss to do as a result


Cohort 1: Tier Two Webinars                                                 

Six Webinars will be scheduled during the months of February 2020-September 2020. Participants will decide

Cohort 1: Tier Three
Leadership Development Program Workshop II       Final Day

November 23, 2020  Last Day of CMED 2020

Presenter TBD

11:00 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.                                                                                                                                                

  • Closing for cohort 1 and Certificates awarded by Chairs of CMED 2020
  • Concurrent session projects review
  • Review of webinars, workshops, and concurrent sessions that were delivered at CMED 2020.

Cohort 2 begins November 18, 2020

  • Full Day kick-off for the next year

Mark GouldDr. Mark Gould is Associate Vice President, Graduate and Professional Education, Merrimack College. As a key member of the senior leadership of Merrimack College, Mark is responsible for developing and implementing the strategic recruitment and admission plan to increase Merrimack College’s presence and growth of Graduate and Professional Studies programs. Prior to joining Merrimack College, Mark was the Associate Dean of Academic and Faculty Affairs for the College of Professional Studies at Northeastern University and Director of Management Development Programs at Boston University. Mark has been a regular speaker at CMED since 1995, a board member, and was the conference chair in 2002. Mark earned his B.S. in Business Administration from the University of Maine, M.Ed. from Boston University, M.B.A. from Southern New Hampshire University, and Ed.D. from Northeastern University. Mark is former CMED Advisory Board Member as well as current member of the CMED Mentor Alliance.

Dr. Jeremy GravesDr. Jeremy Graves brings seventeen years of non-profit leadership and experience into the classroom. He has developed leaders from all walks of life and has cultivated strategic partnerships both nationally and internationally. Jeremy’s passion for strong leadership development coupled with his deep understanding of the role of the team in successful leadership has produced emerging leaders. He holds a doctorate degree in transformational leadership and has developed many sustainable community partnerships throughout his career in the non-profit world. He specifically enjoys guiding companies and their employees to think strategically as they enhance their business portfolios, as well as looking for ways for seasoned leaders to recruit, train, and deploy new leaders into the workforce. Jeremy’s hands-on style of teaching builds community, forges new relationships, furthers productive dialogue, and fosters strategic thinking for leaders from all spheres of the workplace. His research and experience have been in the area of team leadership, and also building and developing teams in the workplace.

Deb KennedyDeb Kennedy is an executive coach and leadership development specialist working with professionals and companies to develop strategies for successful careers and a balanced life. She leverages her 25+ years of corporate leadership experience in finance, marketing, sales and strategy to guide individuals and teams in moving through change. From 2008 to 2018 Deb was the Director of Executive Education for Bentley University near Boston, MA. Before that Deb spent more than 15 years as an executive in the energy industry in Boston, leading teams in finance and marketing in the midst of deregulation and massive change. Her corporate experience focused on developing and implementing innovative strategy and business process improvement. Deb is the former CMED Chair and the Advisory Board Member as well as current member of the CMED Mentor Alliance.

Robin KistlerRobin Kistler director of non-degree programs at the Stayer Center for Executive Education, Mendoza College of Business, University of Notre Dame. She is responsible for the administration, strategy and promotion of the Stayer Center’s open enrollment, online and custom certificate offerings. She previously served as director of executive education at Louisiana State University’s E. J. Ourso College of Business. Robin was also the interim director of LSU’s Stephenson Entrepreneurship Institute, overseeing programs such as the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities, the Entrepreneur Fellows Program and the LSU 100: Fastest Growing Tiger Businesses alumni recognition program. Robin earned a bachelor’s degree in communications and advertising, and a master’s degree in communications management and organizational development from LSU. Robin is the former CMED Chair and the Advisory Board Member.

Frank LloydFrank Lloyd  served as an Associate Dean (2004-18), Executive Education at Southern Methodist University (SMU) Cox School of Business. He lead executive education business unit within top tier business school: marketing, sales, development and delivery of innovative, application-oriented non-degree programs that impact leadership and business. Revitalized sales to achieve annual growth of up to 50%; maintained revenue and profitability through 2007-9 recession and persistent slow recovery. Increased custom sales from 20% to 70% of revenue, leveraging long-standing school expertise in the energy industry. Established learning partnerships and obtained corporate sponsorships needed to launch national center of excellence in Latino leadership. Fortune 1000 client portfolio in health care, energy, retail, insurance, consumer products, hospitality, defense, real estate, manufacturing, services, telecom, industry associations and the George W. Bush Institute.

Kris RisiDr. Kris Risi is the Assistant Dean of Corporate Relations and Executive Education at Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business. With over 20 years of experience in academia and industry, Kris engages key business leaders regionally and nationally to deploy advanced approaches in corporate learning and development solutions. In this role, she leads cross-disciplinary teams of faculty, instructional technologists, subject matter experts (SMEs), and operations managers to create innovative customized educational programs for universities and corporations from concept to execution. Throughout her career, Kris has been recognized for developing innovative and cost-effective solutions that enhance competitiveness, increase revenues, exceed clients’ expectations, and deliver positive results. Kris has successfully launched new MBA programs, corporate university and leadership development curricula, online learning communities, and even a graduate business campus for Drexel LeBow in the western suburbs of Philadelphia. A true “intrapreneur” with a passion for helping others unlock their potential, Kris is a Founding Practitioner of the Entrepreneurial Mindset ProfileTM (EMP). Kris is the former CMED Chair and the Advisory Board Member.

Jim RoachJim Roach is the Executive Director of the Tandy Center for Executive Leadership, Neeley School of Business, Texas Christian University. He is responsible for overall strategic direction to develop innovative executive development programs and services, and build educational partnerships and relationships with businesses and alumni.

Prior to joining the Neeley School, Jim led the human resources function for L-3 Link Simulation & Training. He helped design and implement L-3’s innovative Executive Leadership Development Program, which blends executive education, coaching, assessment, networking and other learning tools in a unique and impactful program. Jim spent more than 20 years at Verizon in a variety of human resources roles, including leading the organization effectiveness function focusing on senior team effectiveness, organization capabilities, and cultural and business transformation. He also developed custom leadership and functional development programs.

He has 15 years of experience in executive education as academic director for several leadership certificate programs at SMU, where he also taught open enrollment and custom programs for industries including health care, oil & gas, telecommunications, financial services and transportation.   He has been honored with several teaching excellence awards and has designed and delivered courses on a wide variety of subjects such as leading in today’s business environment, learning agility, creativity and leadership, retaining top talent, and building and managing the employment relationship.  Jim holds a BA and MS in economics from the University of Illinois.


“The first day (pre-conference) I picked up several tips from other attendees that were so impactful that if I left that day the price of conference and time I committed getting there was already worth it! “

Faith Sheaffer-Polen, Kent State University

“This was a phenomenal learning opportunity. I actually made friends, not just networking acquaintances. The group of us who attended the pre-conference session is already in contact and sharing information back and forth. This is invaluable.”

Paige Pavlik Garrido, Florida Atlantic University

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