Christina Dolan will discuss her background at the university which began as a student and an intern, then becoming a full-time program manager while earning her MBA from the University and eventually her current role as the manager of Executive Education at Edwards School of Business, University of Saskatchewan. She will describe her journey, their team’s ability to create new programs, reenergize mature programs, and talk about how their business is structured. She also will share her thoughts on professional development in this industry, staying current with changes in Executive Education, and how she connects with others in Executive Education.

“My Director needed some more help and I came on at a very low level, way just sort of building binders and doing some of that student intern work. But over time I have worked my way through the ranks and helped build our unit up to be kind of what it is today.”

“Even though we’ve offered it for many years and it is our flagship program. Every year there’s something that we can change or grow to make it better. We’re learning from it.”

“We are going to be facing some succession planning in the near future because our faculty have been with us especially in this program for 10+ years. And so we are trying to decide who would make sense to put into that program.”

“To be honest, the big thing that we have going and I’m sure a lot of other universities too is the brand recognition of coming and taking a program through a university such as the University of Saskatchewan or others.”

“You kind of have to have a little bit of thick skin in that regards. You have to be able to handle multiple projects at once because you never just have one program running or on your mind.”

“Personally what motivates me is a job well done. I just find so much satisfaction in seeing a course from idea to break through to the fact of these participants are now graduated or finish this program and they’re all very satisfied and have raving reviews and have enjoyed themselves.”

“The Conference for Management and Executive Development, the CMED conference, is one that our unit has fully supportived and I myself have attended several years in a row and the big thing about that is just the sharing of knowledge and the fact that all of these people know exactly what you’re dealing with on day to day.”

“In the end it’s worth it and there’s a lot of positives to being part of this university community and I would say if anybody’s wanting to start a career path in an Executive Education or Continuing Education unit, the opportunities are endless within the universities.”

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