In this episode we will be talking with Dan McCarthy, the Director of Executive Development Programs at the University of New Hampshire and one of the top bloggers on topics of Leadership. Dan will discuss how he switched from been responsible for leadership development in companies to providing university-based executive education to organizations. He has a fascinating story about how he started blogging, grew his blog, and got it to top ranking positions instead of going for his Ph.D. He will also share his history with the Conference on Management and Executive Development from a first-time attendee a few years ago to a co-chair role in 2016.

“I’ve been in this role at the University of New Hampshire for about five years and then prior to that I was the Director of Leadership Development at Paychex Corporation, a payroll and HR outsourcing organization based out of Rochester, New York.”

“I had a big learning curve stepping into this role. The biggest part was just experience in sales and marketing and running the profit and loss.”

“I really enjoy employee development and leadership development. I like helping other people be more successful, reach their goals.”

“I think you have to be very comfortable running your own business, working with a lot, without a lot of supervision and you have to be able to work very well independently. You have to motivate yourself.”

“Probably one of the biggest needs that we’re addressing out there is succession planning. Just about every organization that I deal with is interested in grooming their benches, their next generation of high potential leader.”

“I decided to start my own blog and one thing led to another. It just grew and grew and grew. And that led to other opportunities. It led to relationships that I built through Twitter and social media and other bloggers.”

“When you’re making a decision always envision that what you did will be on the front page of your local newspaper, company newsletter and just make sure that you would be comfortable.”

“I was just so fortunate to have found the CMED conference that year. I went to the conference in the fall. My first year in the job. I spent days with a hundred and thirty other people that were in positions just like mine. Same challenges, very willing to share best practices, and give advice. I walked away from that first conference with just pages and pages and pages of notes and ideas. And that has continued to be my number one source of professional development in the industry.”

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