In this episode Deb Merry will discuss in more depth her ideas on growing open-enrollment, connecting with the business community, and becoming the vendor of choice for the local businesses. She also will share her thoughts on professional development in this industry, staying current with changes, and how she connects with others in Executive Education.

“I think that ending up in Executive Education is a nice marriage of all the things I had done prior to coming here”

“Currently we’re all custom. Exec Ed was born at Dalhousie, I think out of the fact that a few companies had approach to the school and they had hired Dalhousie to deliver custom leadership programs to the corporations and we only had a few clients.”

“I quickly recognized (and a lot of from what I learned of my colleagues here at CMED) that we really should go down the path of open enrollment as well. So this year in 2016 I am launching three new programs which will all be open enrollment.”

“You always have something for everybody in your community and hopefully these will become feeder programs to the larger custom programs, so it’s strategic.”

“Most of my career has been in marketing so I put quite a bit of effort into our marketing strategy. We have a really thought-out and well-planned digital strategy.”

“Outside of work I will just actually attend conferences and mentoring groups and I do a lot of reading and anything I can in the practice of leadership learning to be a better leader. That’s actually a personal interest of mine and hobby.

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