In this episode Denise Douglas will describe her background, Executive Education’s faculty bench strength, legacy programs, her role as an executive coach, some of her hobbies, and how her career at Case Western has grown over the years and where it might go in the future.

“Prior to joining Weatherhead Executive Education I was the Senior Associate Dean at the School of Graduate Studies here at Case. And that had a variety of academic affairs type responsibilities, everything from admissions, graduate school admission through commencement, post doc appointment.”

“Leadership Deep Dive program is about seven, almost eight years old now. That program was actually launched right during the recession. So this is the time period where things are difficult in Executive Education, I assume globally, but certainly here in the Cleveland area. And that was a time that the team at that particular point wanted to launch an extended leadership program.”

“We’ve been privileged to actually have people who have taken the program here in Cleveland and then wanting to take that to their either home location and in many cases to their home country. We have offered that program in New Zealand a few times, also offered it in Dubai and we’ve done a mini version of it in Australia as well.”

“We’ve been really fortunate to have Doctor Melvin Smith who is a professor of organizational behavior. He serves as a faculty director within Executive Education. He is the perfect person to have this role with a mixture in terms of background and expertise both from a faculty perspective but he’s also been in the corporate environment before so he has had extensive experience on both sides.”

“You may or may not be aware that Dr. Richard Boyatzis as well as other faculty members in Organizational Behavior have lead the way at Weatherhead putting MOOC’s on the Coursera platform which offers free Massive Open Online Courses. That has really given hundreds of thousands of people across the world exposure to the concepts that we teach here and actually has spread into new clients taking that learning experience deeper within their organizations.”

“The perspective EMBA and then of course eventually EMBA student in a cohort which we have about forty six are the very same people and coming from the exact same companies that we are typically tapping into for both open enrollment and custom opportunities. So there’s a huge synergy we see it all the time.”

“Well, actually I mentioned just briefly a moment ago that I have a huge passion for executive coaching. I’ve been doing that for about a decade. Primarily, with Executive Education prior to actually taking on this role, that I have really enjoyed.”

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