In this podcast we will learn how Emily brought her skills of managing people in a retail setting to become a manager of operations and customer service at Executive Education unit of the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis, MN. She will also share some of the “hands on” customer service skills that she learned early on in her career that helped her with imparting those to her team members.

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I manage 4 program managers and 2 operational staff members one is a registrar and the other is a program and operations specialist. They are the ones who actually have their hands in the programs and run them in our open enrollment side. My responsibility is really around customer experience and setting strategy related to how we interact with our participants.”

” I had a lot of fun positions when I started out at St. Thomas I started as a program coordinator and basically set up to deliver excellent customer experience. “

” I did a lot of program coordination tasks behind the scenes to just make sure programs were set up and then I worked a shift that was later into the evening because we had a lot of our open enrollment evening programs running to be a point person a lot of our full time staff are gone at that point.”

“I think the most exciting piece goes back to community and living in Twin Cities and knowing that I have peers or thinking of all the people I know who are professionals in the Twin Cities community can come here and refresh their skills in a short way that works for them.”

“I have a passion for people learning and helping facilitate. I don’t have a passion for being the one educating them but some sort of administrative role was within Higher Education is of interest. […] The other thing with Executive Education is it opens your world to different possibilities. Marketing and communications is a fun world I would be drawn to.”


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