Lovdy will discuss her background at the school which began with a series of events that she will share with the audience. She will also describe her role within the LBJ School and how her department supports the professional development needs of state employees and their team’s ability to manage large conferences for the school and the university as a whole. She also will share her thoughts on professional development in this industry, staying current with changes in Executive Education, and how she connects with others in Executive Education. She will also reflect on how her department has consistently attended the CMED Conference for over 30 years.

“I had the intention of becoming a lawyer. I went at first to work at a law firm to get a better idea of law firm and lawyer life and within six months decided that was not for me.”

“I came in and I met Barry and the team and I was immediately. “I wanted to work here”. It beats all the things in my life: My desire to make people better at their jobs. Make them better at serving the public. That really feeds my soul.”

“At the office of professional development we have a fairly broad based offering of programs. My group tends to focus more on technical training and support for association and professional groups.”

“Dr. Barry Bales and my colleague Joyce Sparks focus on leadership and management skills for the individuals in the nonprofit and public sector. They came out with a real practical approach but also with an experience and knowledge specific to the public sector.”

“At a state as big as Texas we can find a lot of people who happen to be in or around town. But definitely we look at and try to find the most knowledgeable experts in the areas that we’re looking to cover.”

“I have a wonderful life. I have an amazing husband and two incredible children. That fills my days. I’m always fascinated and amazed at the people who have four extra hours in the day. But that’s what drives me. As to people jokingly say and I truly believe this, being the person my dog thinks I am is what drives me.”

Office of Professional Development at the LBJ School of Public Affairs, University of Texas, Austin
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Lovdy Grossman
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Director of Conferences and Training, LBJ School of Public Affairs, University of Texas at Austin
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