We will hear from Ross on several discussion points: his background in business, his teaching for the school, and eventually his role in Executive Education as a Director. He will also discuss the core business he is responsible for in the areas of operations, entrepreneurship, and innovation. His views on working in the custom arena and the link to open-enrollment. He describes the best case scenario for how to create a revenue stream in custom and engaging alumni. He will also describe his view on professional development for him and the centre that he is responsible for and the challenges going forward.

“I worked for a top-twenty corporation in Australia. My role there was really looking after professional services which covered assisting franchisees in areas such as accounting, training, operations, property support, and a range of other areas.”

“There wasn’t necessarily something that I immediately planned. In fact, when I initially started working for the university I thought it would be a six-month role lecturing but I found that I actually enjoy the environment so much because we make such a difference to individuals lives.”

“We found we need people who could both talk and listen. So it’s very important to actually know when to listen, take onboard what the client needs and in turn fit that with the program that we may have back at the university.”

“I think it is a fantastic job in regards to knowing that you might be a difference on individuals but also a society.”

“I think the pace within which things happen at MIT in Exec Ed is actually fairly quick for the Exec Ed department. And how we move, we structure ourselves to be pretty agile and how we can work with customers.””

“I think we just need to be very proactive; we need to be ahead of the market and we need to have great programs with impact.”

“In attending [the Conference on Management and Executive Development] each year I take something back or several things back that I can apply immediately.”

” And there’s not many jobs we can actually say that we were interfacing with the customers and you’ve got all these friends.”

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