Andrew will discuss his background in the business world, his MBA, and the process of becoming the Director of the Center after the previous Director retired. He opens up about the learning curve, his relationship with the CMED Conference, the global partnership he and another attendee created during their time at the CMED Conference and the things that get him up and through the day at the University of Adelaide.

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“I mapped out three things what I thought were my strengths, my values, and my behaviors as well. In my second column I put down everything in my previous roles that I most enjoyed, all the tasks that I most enjoyed doing. In my third column I put what I thought was commercially viable, what someone may pay me to do. And as a result of that mapping exercise I realized I wanted to spend more energy in helping others to develop.”

“So, to run what is an entrepreneurial commercial unit within a bureaucratic structure is set up to support research is quite interesting. But having that connection with the marketplace, having that connection with customers, being out to fill needs, provide products with some that you’re not used to and doing that within the university environment was a good mix to may having academic background having an MBA from the University of Adelaide, was a good sort of mix of understanding a little bit about university but still having some autonomy to academic permission wide within the university’s structure.”

“During my time in Executive Education I think things that most managers are looking for, that is common, is they’re looking for a high quality reputable brand. So the brand of your university and its connections with industry and also with research I think it’s important.”

“For us a lot of traffic comes organically through the university but we needed more traffic than that. And why that we’ve sort of been able to do that is to go into paid advertising. The challenge that I had with paid advertising we played around with it for a couple of years whilst it looks on the surface to be simple it needs specialist knowledge and skills in order to manage campaigns. So having someone to do that and to support that it is extremely useful. And then when those people land at the end of the paid campaigns is also important.”

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